Easily manage your account, pay bills, and earn rewards with the redONE 1App.

1. What is the Change in Bill Policy?

The change in bill policy allows subscribers to have ample time due to busy schedule to make payment before the 15th of each month. However, do note that any delay in bill payment may result in line barring, suspension, and ultimately, termination.


2. Will there be any SMS or Email to notify me?

Yes, there will be reminder SMS & Email to notify you for the following:

13th of each monthBill is due, and line will be barred in 2 days
24th of each monthPayment has not been received, line will be suspended in 2 days
2 days before terminationPayment has not been received, line will be terminated in 2 days


3. I have made payment. Why am I receiving reminder bill due SMS and Email?

If you have made payment, you may ignore the SMS and Email.


4. Does this affect my GIRO?

No, it will not. But do ensure you have sufficient funds in your account for the deduction. This is to prevent any line disruptions in the event the payment not being approved due to insufficient funds.


5. Does this affect my Auto-debit?

No, it will not. The recurring payment is set to ease the hassle for our subscribers on monthly bill payment.


6. Does it affect existing subscribers or only for new subscribers?

The new billing policy will kick in for all redONE subscribers, existing and new, from 1 March 2022.


7. In this new change, if I am late to paying my bills, what will happen?

Should you miss the deadline for paying bills, redONE may charge interest at the rate of 1.5% per month on the overdue amount and you shall be liable to pay such amount.

If the payment is not cleared by the 15th of the month, the mobile line will be barred on the same day – this means that the user will not be able to access to mobile data, and/or make any outgoing calls and SMS.

Should the payment still remain uncleared 11 days after the date of line barring, the mobile line will be suspended – this means that the user will not be able to access to mobile data, and/or make any outgoing calls and SMS, nor receive any incoming calls and SMS.

For any payment that is left uncleared within 20 days after the line is suspended, the mobile line will be terminated. Terminated lines cannot be reactivated and will be returned to its original telco after 90 days.



DateEventSubscriber’s Next Step
1 March 2022Bill is sent to userSubscriber to make payment by 14 March
15 March 2022Bill is due. Late fee implemented if payment is not made.Subscriber to make payment ASAP to prevent line barring on 15 March.
26 March 2022Line is suspended if payment has not been made.Please make payment ASAP. Subscriber must also contact our Customer Care to request for reconnection after full payment has been made to avoid service termination.
15 April 2022Line is terminated if payment has not been made.