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2021 Grand Referral

In October 2021, redONE unveiled its most ambitious initiative – the Grand Referral Program. This program, designed with our valued customers in mind, aimed not only to reward loyalty but also to celebrate the incredible growth of our redONE family.

The Power of Referrals

At redONE, we firmly believe that the best marketing comes from the heart. It’s about real people sharing their authentic experiences. And who better to share their redONE journey than our customers?

With the Grand Referral Program, we turned the spotlight on you, our esteemed subscribers, and put the power of referrals in your hands. It was a win-win situation: You shared the magic of redONE with your friends and family, and in return, we showered you with some genuinely remarkable prizes.

A Grand Line-up of Prizes

Our Referral Program was no ordinary affair. We knew we had to match the extraordinary loyalty of our customers with equally remarkable rewards. And that’s precisely what we did.

Picture this: top-of-the-line gadgets like the iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Air 4, sleek and powerful Samsung S7 FE, and the ultimate haircare luxury, the Dyson Supersonic, are all up for grabs. But we didn’t stop there. For those yearning for adventure, we offered an unforgettable Caribbean Cruise experience. And for those in search of tranquillity, we arranged delightful hotel staycations.

Sharing Stories, Sharing Joy

The heart of our Grand Referral Program was the stories – your stories. It was about sharing your redONE experiences with friends and family. It was about how redONE became integral to your lives, keeping you connected, entertained, and empowered. These stories weren’t just words; they were testimonials of trust. They spoke of your trust in our services, satisfaction, and eagerness to invite others into the redONE family.

A Grand Success

The Grand Referral Program was more than just a promotion; it celebrated our community. It reminded us of the bonds that tie us together and the trust that strengthens those bonds.

As we move forward, we will carry the spirit of this program with us – the spirit of sharing, gratitude, and creating significant connections. Thank you for making the Grand Referral Program a grand success. And to our winners, enjoy your fantastic prizes. You have earned every bit of luxury that’s coming your way.

Stay connected, stay empowered, and stay tuned for more incredible initiatives from redONE. Your grand journey with us is only getting started.