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Leading budget mobile service provider redONE officially launches in Singapore; reveals new launch packages and go-to-market strategy.

From as low as $8 a month, consumers can now choose to pay only for what they need.

SINGAPORE, July 1, 2019 – Following a successful trial launch over a month ago in late May, mobile virtual network operator redONE officially launched their mobile services in Singapore today. Based on user feedback following the trial, redONE has added more data to its basic plans, ranging from 3GB to 10GB with monthly subscriptions starting from only $8 a month. It also rolled out a new value-added service, termed redSOCIAL Lite, providing users with 10GB of Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp and YouTube data for just $10 a month.

Its previous redSOCIAL bundle, which costs $18 for 20GB of data, is also still available, as are their 1GB/5GB/10GB data add-on options. For those who prefer texting, SMS add-ons can now be purchased at $2 for 50 SMSes and $3 for 100 SMSes respectively.

Same same, but different
Established in Malaysia in 2012, redONE is a popular budget postpaid mobile provider and the first postpaid Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Asia, boasting over a million active users.

With its entry into the Singapore market, redONE has pioneered Data Without Borders, whereby customers can use their entire high-speed data quotas whilst roaming in Malaysia without incurring any extra roaming charges. Even after their bundle is depleted, they will still be able to surf, chat and post at a reduced connection speed, with no roaming charges applied.

Through the new redSOCIAL Lite and the ability for users to enjoy cheap data usage across both countries, redONE aims to provide real value. “In reality, the average consumer only uses around 3GB a month and up to 500MB a day when they are roaming,” said redONE Singapore CEO Francis Cheang. “So we don’t believe in high monthly fees and making consumers pay for what they don’t really need.”

The other notable difference about redONE is that while other new telcos only sell online, redONE believes in the power of personal recommendations – it is setting up an extensive dealer network with 200 ‘Neighbourhood Centres’ across Singapore. Even individuals can become redONE agents and earn perpetual recurring commissions. It will also shortly announce a partnership with a leading IT chain store that will make redONE available in all major shopping malls in Singapore.

When asked about the many recent MVNO launches in Singapore and the heightened competitive landscape, redONE’s Group CEO Farid Yunus responded with, “This is our 8th year operating in Malaysia and we have continued to grow there against 6 telcos and at one point,18 other MVNOs. Almost all the others have since shut down but redONE continues to thrive, and based on our track record, we look forward to doing the same in Singapore.”

In the near future redONE will be launching its unique model in other regional markets and will expand its seamless data roaming to other countries, with the vision of creating a single ASEAN service.

Original Article Link: The Straits Times