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And get additional 100 minutes for free

How To Pay

  1. Download the GIRO Form here.
  2. Fill in the form and mail it out.
  3. As GIRO payment takes some time for the bank to process, please continue paying your bill through our other two channels till you receive a confirmation from your bank that your GIRO is in place.
  4. If you still do not hear from your bank after 8 weeks, please contact your bank to check if your GIRO is in place.

GIRO deduction dates fall on the 5th, 12th, and 20th of each month. You should receive an email notification each time there is a deduction from your account. In the event of unsuccessful deduction due to the subscribers’ bank issue, redONE will not perform the 2nd and 3rd deduction. As such, the subscriber will have to make payment via the other 2 channels. A bonus of 100 mins will be credited to the lines under your Master Account upon successful GIRO application.

  1. What is this promotion about?
    We are giving out additional 100 minutes for subscribers who pay via GIRO! This is to encourage subscribers to opt for GIRO payment. 

  2. When is this promotion ending?
    This promotion will be ongoing till further notice. 

  3. How long will it take for the 100 minutes to be added to my existing plan?
    The bonus will be credited to your account within 10-12 working days from the first successful GIRO deduction.

  4.  What if I cancel my GIRO payment? Will I still get the additional 100 minutes?
    Once you cancel your GIRO payment, you will no longer be receiving the 100 minutes.
  1. This promotion is only valid for subscribers who pay their bills using GIRO payment.
  2. This promotion is valid till further notice.
  3. The 100 minutes off-net call is valid for usage located in Singapore, to Singapore and Malaysia numbers.
  4. Calls are charged in 1-minute blocks. Any calls of shorter duration will be rounded up and charged as a complete 1-minute blocks.
  5. The regular redONE Terms & Condition applies.
  6. redONE reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.