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redONE’s Mobile Plans Have 20GB Data For You To WhatsApp Your Parents 24/7

redONE Gives 2 Free Mobile Plans When You Get A Family Deal Subscription

Your phone is vibrating off the table these days, not just because of work or friends jio-ing you out.

Now that your parents, aunts and uncles are online, your WhatsApp is flooded with messages, sometimes in the hundreds.

With her sending such photos regularly and your whole family receiving them, imagine the amount of data all of that adds up to.

Settling phone bills would be quite the headache unless you get a package like redONE’s Family Deal Plan, which has up to 3 mobile plans in one bundle.

A 3-in-1 mobile plan keeps your family group chats going. If your parents are true boomers, they’re probably still figuring out the whole Internet and will need multiple tries.

Before they get into full spamming mode, starting them on a basic mobile data plan would be the best introductory step.

No need for large amounts — 3GB should be enough to cover the occasional chain message and family photos.

You may not enthusiastically reply to those like your parents expect you to, but there’s another way to show your filial piety.

Get your parents’ mobile phone plans so they can WhatsApp you all day and night. Since it’s part of a family bundle, you only have to worry about your own bills while they message away.

Catch up with loved ones across the Causeway

Recent events have shown us the importance of connectivity, especially for those with family in different countries.

Catching up with your ah ma or ah gong in Malaysia may be a brief affair if you’re not home to set up Skype for your parents.

But that’s okay because the redONE family plan comes with outgoing calls and SMS to any network in Singapore and Malaysia.

Even without WiFi, your parents can call or text relatives across the Causeway without raising a hefty phone bill.

Up to 2 redONE mobile plans at no charge for 6 months

The redONE Family Deal Plans come in 2 bundles — the A18+ and A28+, to suit your specific family needs.

At $18, the A18+ gets you 10GB of mobile data monthly, and an A8 plan which includes 3GB of monthly data free for the first 6 months. Both include outgoing calls and SMSes to any local or Malaysian network so that you can call or text stress-free.

Top up another $10 for the A28+, and you’ll get an extra free A8 so that you can surprise both your parents.

The plan comes with more call minutes, SMSes, and 20GB of data, so you’ll enjoy Internet access wherever you go.

Just don’t let your parents know, or they might ask you for it to supplement their Pokémon Go addiction.

Even if you don’t get the free plan to your parents, you can always use the extra SIM card in a second device like a tablet or secondary phone.

Tight-knit connections regardless of where the fam is. With virtual connections bringing people closer together lately, a family mobile plan may be the way to keep everyone in touch.

Not only will your parents be able to keep everyone abreast of the latest gossip, they can also stay in the know about the latest Covid-19 updates from the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Who their favourite child is will no longer be a question after you get them the redONE mobile plan. They’ll surely thank you for it.

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