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redONE’s Mobile Plans Now Have Double The Data In July, So You Can Get 100GB For Just $28

redONE Mobile Plans
For most of us, our daily lives run on mobile data, whether vibing to our jams en route to work or taking part in the latest TikTok challenges. If oodles of data fuel your days, you’ll want to get in on redONE’s latest anniversary deals.

They’re celebrating their second year by blessing new users with doubled data and dishing out free data upgrades and bill rebates for existing customers. To join in the festivities, here’s what you can look forward to:

Get doubled data and free upgrades
You’re not alone if you’ve ever gotten caught off-guard with a notification saying you’ve reached your data limit. But with hundreds of gigabytes of data from redONE at the tip of your fingers, you’ll no longer have to worry about running low when you’re out and about.

New users can sign up for redONE’s anniversary plans to get double the data for the same price.

Unlimited data for $48
For those who tend to catch up on their favourite Netflix shows on the go, this one’s for you. redONE has also launched its Local Unlimited Plan.

For just $48/month, you’ll get unlimited 5MBPS high-speed data, voice calls, and SMS. You can play multiplayer games, stream videos and music, and browse your social media accounts without worrying about hitting that data cap.

Get a FREE 6 months subscription
Existing redONE subscribers, you’re not forgotten during their anniversary promotions. Your plan will be upgraded for free, and you’ll also stand a chance to get six months worth of bill rebates. That means you won’t have to fork out a single cent for your subscription for half a year.

Throughout July 2021, simply participate in their anniversary survey, and you may be one of the 20 subscribers who’ll score these sweet rebates.

redONE 2nd-anniversary deals
The words “free” and “unlimited” are always music to our ears. And that’s exactly what you’ll be getting as redONE celebrates its second anniversary.

If you don’t know, their contractless plans start from just $8. Their four plans include mobile data and voice calls to Singapore and Malaysia networks without additional charges.

Pile on well-deserved rewards throughout the month of July 2021, and get double the data for worry-free data usage.

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